March 11th, 2009

I wonder if you’ve heard of a Drabble?

A drabble, simply put, is a story, normally science fiction or fantasy that is exactly one hundred (100) words in length. No more, no less.

Here is mine:

It was a slow day in the spaceport.
“These rocket cowlings aren’t going to fix themselves”, Simon thought to himself, wistfully.
It was 4 days since the incident, nobody said a word after it happened, not until this morning, that is.
Simon knew exactly what to do; he lifted the great copper mallet above his head, and struck the cowling with all his might.
The resonance shook the entire rocket, the mallet, his arm and the rest of his body. “Damnit”, Simon swore, just as a shadow appeared over Simon’s left shoulder.
“I owe you a pint, for this”, the shadow said.

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